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5 Versatile Ways to Wear Ballet Flats

The classic ballet flat is making a comeback to the fashion scene, and it's here to stay. The timeless ballet flat has undergone a modern twist, making a grand resurgence and emerging as a chic and versatile style for fashion-forward women of all ages.

Ballet flats will always be on trend, so there’s no need to ask, “are ballet flats still in style in 2024?” And if you’re wondering how to wear flats, read on for a guide on effortlessly embracing this perennial footwear trend in 2024, featuring captivating, modern takes on the classic footwear.


Ballet flats are back and here to stay securing their place as a true wardrobe essential. Beyond their practical use, these shoes have become a statement piece, blending timeless silhouettes with a contemporary touch. 

Ballet flats are striding confidently back into the mainstream. From high-fashion runways to the everyday streets, these flats are making their mark and reclaiming their status as a must-have fashion item, and there are thousands of options when it comes to how to wear these ballet flats. 

In a world where sophistication meets style, ballet flats are the epitome of aperfect mix. They will always be a sensible choice, and now, they've become a fashion-forward statement that complements any outfit. 

What’s more, their resurgence isn't a passing trend; it's a celebration of practicality evolving into style. The right flats can really give an outfit an edge, adding an element of grace while their simplicity leaves plenty of room for personal expression. Ballet flats are the secret ingredient that will tie your outfit together and help find that perfect look, allowing you to experiment with colour, style and material.



Congratulations on snagging a pair of ballet flats! Now, let's explore the exciting possibilities of how to wear them with a fresh and contemporary flair. Here are some ways you can style ballet flats to suit your taste while staying on trend. 


Match your ballet flats with a pair of your favourite jeans and a slouchy sweater for an effortlessly chic look. This laid-back ensemble is perfect for weekend brunches or casual outings with friends. 


Elevate your office look by swapping your heels for ballet flats. These shoes effortlessly bring sophistication to your workwear without compromising on function. Imagine rocking a tailored blazer paired with a sleek pencil skirt, topped off with your favourite ballet flats for an effortlessly cool and on-trend office look.

Picture a tailored blazer, a pencil skirt, and your favourite ballet flats for a polished, office-ready ensemble. It's a power move, showcasing your professional prowess while feeling confident during those long work hours. And here’s a tip: keep your ballet flats handy in your toteyou never know when you'll crave that comfort after a long day in heels.


One of the best answers to how to wear ballet pumps is to embrace their feminine charm by pairing them with a flirty sundress or a chic midi skirt. It's a match made in fashion heaven! The addition of the structured ballet flats to the flowy, feminine silhouette of a dress creates a look that's both romantic and modern.


Black ballet flats are authentic capsule pieces, a true wardrobe essential that seamlessly complements various styles.

When wondering how to style black flats, you can always create a sleek and sophisticated look by pairing them with an all-black outfit. Whether it's a tailored matching suit or black dress, the monochrome aesthetic enhances the elegance of the flats. It's a timeless combination that effortlessly transitions from day to night.


Embrace a laid-back yet stylish vibe by wearing your ballet flats with a pair of your favourite vintage jeans, fitted or loose shirt with a matching belt. Toss on an oversized leather jacket, and you're ready for a relaxed weekend stroll or a casual day of shopping. This ensemble gives out an easygoing charm while keeping you comfortable and on-trend for your leisurely weekend activities.

Deciding what to wear with ballet flats is always a tough choice, but there are countless options for how to style flats, so feel free to mix it up and create your own look. Just as important as deciding how to style your flats  is the material that your flats are made from. With choices ranging from timeless leather, to modern fabric mesh or even classic suede, it’s crucial that you select material that makes you both look and feel great. With so many options, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to how to wear ballet flats.

Remember to accessorise properly when creating your look; the right bag or tights will take your outfit from bland to stand-out and keep heads turning in your direction. 


The renaissance of ballet flats is not just a fashion enthusiast's dream come true; it's a testament to the enduring appeal of a classic wardrobe staple. These versatile shoes are not merely back in style; they're back with a bang, redefining the definition of women’s fashion. Whether you're a trendsetter or someone seeking a trendy yet simple footwear option, don't shy away from embracing the ballet flat renaissance.

Step out in style and let your feet do the talking. The ballet flat is more than just a shoe; it's a symbol of timeless elegance, a nod to practical sophistication, and a celebration of the fusion of elegance and style. So, slip into your favourite pair, embrace the grace of ballet flats, and dance through life with confidence and flair. 

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