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Autumn '24



Set amongst the NSW Central Coast's tranquil hinterland, our Autumn 2024 Collection is a graceful return to nature's embrace.  
Adapting seamlessly to the changing seasons, our latest collection effortlessly navigates Autumn's weather transitions. Inspired by the hues of our natural surroundings—tan, off-white, brandy, khaki, and black—we present a palette that mirrors the season's essence. 
From meticulous contrast stitching to stud and buckle embellishments, each piece reflects our signature craftsmanship, ensuring enduring style for seasons to come.  
Silhouettes are skillfully designed with a mix of gentle curves, square and rounded toes, and subtly angled heels, drawing inspiration from the natural diversity of shapes found in nature. 
Explore the Autumn ‘24 now, curated for those who appreciate the fusion of nature, fashion, and lasting quality.