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Spring Summer 2017 Campaign

Jo Mercer has a history of producing quality fashion leather footwear for Australian women.  Since we developed our online presence we have been able to offer this to a wide audience including Australian states we are not represented in and overseas.  We have grown our online business significantly in the last few years by concentrating on our digital presence and gaining a better understanding of what our customer desire through our social platform and deeper analysis of purchasing choices.  We have also introduced a range of handcrafted leather bags from Genoa, Italy branded Campomaggiand from Barcelona, Spain branded Biba. We also continue producing our own range of leather bags in addition to the sourced brands.

Inspiration is a continued blend between customer engagement and trends and the moving fashion landscape.

The Product Development Team spend a lot of time doing research on ranges both here and Australia and overseas to draw inspiration for the best possible range for the Australian market. Although the internet and social media have opened a world of colour palettes and styling providing a view into trends without leaving the office, we still attend the international markets and shoe fairs. For us, it is also essential to spend time with customers and stores to ensure we understand what the customer actually wants beyond the landscape of trends, and undertake detailed post-season analysis to ensure we have the best range possible each season. We interpret our designs in a way that is appropriate for our customer and our market. The product team develops our shoes from idea to finished product, a detailed and lengthy process involving numerous fit trials and sample tests before the product is approved for production.

For our forthcoming Spring Summer 17 range, we drew inspiration from the unique Australian colours and light – playing on the bone-white salt lakes fringed by eucalyptus trees, contrasted by the ochre and red landscape. 

 Jo Mercer continues to build and grow with Brand awareness.  We will be turning 20 this year and have plans to celebrate in style around Christmas/New Year and enjoy those celebrations with our staff and customers.  We are looking to open more stores and increase our online presence with more international opportunities.  We enjoy engaging socially through our online presence and will continue this with our key influencers and fans. Jo Mercer will be getting involved in the forthcoming “fashion month” of September and have some serious fun with our social media takeovers from MSFW, NYFW, LFW.  Beyond this, we will be getting in the party mood leading up to Christmas with Spring Racing and Polo on our mind, both great opportunities for us to showcase our beautiful sandal range.

 A small team of us flew to a remote location in South Australia to shoot the latest Spring Summer 17 range.  Experiencing the thrill of flying in a private plane, the Beechcraft Super King Air from Kirkhope Aviation set the scene with luxury leather seats and quiet smooth flying; we were able to fly to the Gawler Ranges, 600kms to the North West of Adelaide on the Eyre Peninsula and had the opportunity to see outback Australia at its best.  The focus of the campaign is to celebrate our Australian heritage and the unique Australian landscape, colours and elements.  Lake Sturt can look like a fabulous slice of Antarctica with its glistening white salt pan, fringed by trees, eerily quiet and incredible contrast with the raw red rocks and dramatic outback colours of the ancient land.  Camping at the glorious Kangaluna we enjoyed typical outback hospitality, relaxed, informal and generous.   The ink black night sky further inspired our dramatic colour palette and left us humbled and in awe of the majestic stars. 

 Our photographer Andrew Maccoll is an amazing location photographer. When taking on such a project, having a team with experience in difficult conditions is vital.  He is also a master at capturing flowing fabric through the lens. Him and senior photojournalist Rob Maccoll, assistant and drone operator on the day, not only captured the campaign itself but also documented the journey throughout. An added bonus was the element of father/son collaboration.

Paul Van den Kam completed the team as a film-maker and has documented parts of the journey along with the remarkable and unique outback landscape and scenery.

We knew we wanted to work with Chantal Monaghan.  We have been watching her on the International scene, walking for John Paul Guiltier among others with her high fashion look, but she is also a local Brisbane girl now living in New York and we wanted to align our brand with Australian talent and create the right natural feel for the campaign. 

Janice Wu styled Chantal's hair with a natural wave which complimented the campaign's movement. Chantal's features were highlighted and amplified through a blended natural look.