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Autumn Winter 2019 Campaign

The new campaign celebrates the luxury and texture of nature, highlighting the raw beauty of the Australian landscape; from waist length wild grass to the dark green forest.

The sharp white platform introduced in the soft amber grass -like art within the landscape - the platform commands your look and elevates the collection.

Shot in the distinct rolling hills near Hanging Rock in Victoria, the campaign is Jo Mercer’s first collaboration with photographer Trevor King.

The choice of location was not incidental; the colours graciously resonating with the Jo Mercer identity. Featuring the key styles of the new collection, the shoes were paired with luxurious coats echoing the same natural colours.

From heels and flats to bags and clutches the full-service accessories line has everything you’d expect and more. Boots and heels in luxurious leathers and espadrilles play alongside flat sneakers for the more modern approach. Going from strength to strength the new collection offers a more tailored and youthful feel.