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From Work to Weekend: How To Style Loafers

Loafers are the ultimate style shape-shifters. From dressing up a casual look to dressing down formal fit, they’re a functional staple for any wardrobe. Loafers have really made their mark as a staple, turning into a must have for fashion lovers after that stylish wardrobe capsule piece. Our collection offers endless possibilities for styling the perfect loafers outfit for any occasion. From the sleek sophistication of penny loafers to the edgy allure of chunky designs, we’ve curated some simple tips and tricks on how to style loafers from work to weekend.


Discovering how to wear loafers with a sleek silhouette can turn your workday ensemble from neat to chic in a heartbeat. The versatility of loafers shines in the workplace, allowing for a seamless transition from important meetings to casual Fridays.

Elevate your wardrobe with Stella Loafers Black Leather. This backless loafer is a game-changer with its sleek almond toe shape, robust knock-on leather stacked heel and timeless silhouette, guaranteeing that it stays a staple throughout the seasons. Both the upper portion and lining are crafted from premium leather, ensuring durability and a sophisticated look.

Whether paired with a knit maxi dress or your favourite tailored pants, styling loafers like the ;Stella Loafers Black Leather promises the ultimate chic aesthetic.

Dive into a mood that’s both bold and chic with Umeko Loafers Black Leather. Crafted from a soft tumbled cow leather, this backless mule silhouette sits atop a daring chunky eva cleated outsole for a standout look. Perfectly complement this edgy aesthetic with your chunky silver accessories, echoing the engraved metal ornaments that adorn the vamp. Pair the Umeko Loafers with dresses or pencil skirts that have structured silhouettes and are made of luxurious fabrics—like silk or wool. 



Step up your style game with our Texas Loafers Black Leather, the loafers that don't just walk into the room—they make an entrance. Crafted from premium leather and adorned with bold, flat silver-toned studs, these aren't your average loafers. They're a day-to-night fashion statement, ready to amp up your look from tailored suits to cropped hemlines. 

And for an extra dash of fun? Pair them with white or sheer socks to let our Texas Loafers Black Leather steal the spotlight in any outfit. Perfect for city explorations or casual cafe hangouts, these studded shoes transform any look into an effortlessly cool statement, proving that loafers have the power to turn the everyday into the extraordinary.

Dive into the weekend with the Olsen Loafers in Black Leather, your new go-to for off-duty elegance. These loafers bring a touch of luxe with their polished metal bar trim and rich leather, making them essential for any weekend wardrobe. Team them with cropped, high-waisted linen trousers and a basic white tee for a relaxed yet refined outfit that's perfect for everything from brunching with friends to leisurely market strolls.

Loafers are so much more than just shoes—they’re a timeless statement all on their own. Whether you’re aiming for that polished professional look or opting for laid-back weekend look, loafers offer endless versatility. With these tips on how to style loafers, women's fashion will always be distinctive, ensuring you make every step a statement!